• WS2: Artificial Intelligence inspiring the electromagnetic wave

    Presented by Li Er-Ping, Zhejiang University; and Joungho Kim, KAIST
    Sunday, December 5, 08:20 - 12:00
    Melati Junior Ballroom

    Topic Description

    The workshop will present the latest development of AL technology in electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic coupling with neuron-science, such as new electromagnetic challenges in AI chips, Neuromorphic Chips, heterogeneous package integration. The workshop consists of 4 speeches.

    WS-2-1: Reinforcement Learning Based Semiconductor, and Package Designs for Signal Integrity and Power Integrity
    Speaker: Prof. Joungho Kim, IEEE Fellow, KAIST

    WS-2-2: Machine Learning Approaches and Data Driven Methods for the Electromagnetic Modeling
    Speaker: Prof. Li-Jun Jiang, IEEE Fellow, University of Hong Kong

    10:00-10:20: Break

    WS-2-3: Deep Learning for EMC
    Speaker: Prof. Jun Fan, IEEE Fellow, Missouri University of Science and Technology

    WS-2-4: Electromagnetic Wave in Neuromorphic Chips
    Speaker: Prof. Li Er-Ping, IEEE Fellow, Zhejiang University

  • WS1: Recent development of mm-Wave antenna in MIMO Radar systems

    Presented by Ziqiang Tong, Rogers Corp.
    Sunday, December 5, 14:00 - 17:40
    Melati Junior Ballroom

    Topic Description

    The idea of the workshop is to invite worldwide research institutes, Universities, and companies to present their latest work on mmW antenna development. The topics in the workshop are all related to the new antenna development and its applications in MIMO Radar system. The topics may cover following area but not limited by those fields: new antenna proposal and its system implementation, new facilities of simulation tools and measurement tools, MIMO design in mmW Radar system, etc. The workshop consists of 8 speeches.

    WS-1-1: Recent Development of Beam-Scanning Antenna Technologies and Implementations for Automotive Radar Systems in Millimeter-Wave Band and Above
    Speaker: Prof. Kunio Sakakibara, Nagoya Institute of Technology

    WS-1-2: Design Concepts for High Resolution mm-Wave MIMO Radar
    Speaker: André Dürr, Ulm University

    WS-1-3: Development of a Novel Circular Polarized Horn Antenna for the Automotive Radar Frequency Band
    Speaker: Adam Weber, PSW automotive engineering GmbH

    WS-1-4: Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) AiP for 77GHz MIMO Radar Applications
    Speaker: Dr. Mei Sun, IME A-Star

    15:40-16:00: Break

    WS-1-5: Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaged (FOWLP) mmWave Antennas Featuring Wide-Angle Beam Scanning for Automotive Applications
    Speaker: Dr. Jae-Yeong Lee, Pohang University of Science and Technology

    WS-1-6: Advances in Metallized Polymer mmW Waveguide Antenna Design
    Speaker: Dr. Francesco Merli, Huber & Suhner

    WS-1-7: Hollow Waveguide-Based MIMO Antenna for Automotive Radar
    Speaker 1: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bertuch, Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR
    Speaker 2: Dr. Andreas Löffler, Continental, Autonomous Mobility and Safety

    WS-1-8: Compact Slot Antenna Array for Automotive Radar Applications
    Speaker: Dr. Niels Koch, Audi AG

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