VO2-Based Reconfigurable Meanderline Polarizer at Ka-band

Mark Lust, Nima Ghalichechian, The Ohio State University, United States

Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays III

AP-S General Topics

Melati Ballroom 4102

Presentation Time:
Tue, 7 Dec, 10:20 - 10:40 Singapore Time (UTC +8)
Tue, 7 Dec, 03:20 - 03:40 France Time (UTC +2)
Tue, 7 Dec, 02:20 - 02:40 UTC
Mon, 6 Dec, 21:20 - 21:40 New York Time (UTC -4)

Session Co-Chairs:
Dimitrios Tzarouchis, University of Pennsylvania and Wenyao Zhai, Huawei Technologies Canada
Session Manager:
Room R5 Manager
Session TU-A1.4A
TU-A1.4A.1: Radiation Calculation of Wedge-shaped Leaky-Wave Antenna
Zhenjiang Zhao, Tayeb Denidni, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada
TU-A1.4A.2: 360-degree beam steering antenna based on subsrate integrated frequency selective structure
Xin Feng, Fayez Hyjazie, Wenyao Zhai, David Wessel, Wen Tong, Huawei Technologies Canada, Canada; Halim Boutayeb, University of Quebec, Canada
TU-A1.4A.3: Fully Collapsible Lightweight Dipole Antennas
Austin Fikes, Oren Mizrahi, Alan Truong, Sergio Pellegrino, Ali Hajimiri, California Institute of Technology, United States; Fabian Wiesemüller, Imperial College London, United States
TU-A1.4A.4: High-Power-Capable, Ultra-Wideband, 1-Bit, Reflectarray Unit Cells Using Polarization-Rotation Reflection Modes
Meng Gao, Mohammad Mahdi Honari, John Booske, Nader Behdad, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
TU-A1.4A.5: A Reconfigurable Metadevice for Solving Equations and Inverting Matrices at RF Frequencies
Dimitrios Tzarouchis, Brian Edwards, Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania, United States; Mario Junior Mencagli, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States
TU-A1.4A.6: VO2-Based Reconfigurable Meanderline Polarizer at Ka-band
Mark Lust, Nima Ghalichechian, The Ohio State University, United States
TU-A1.4A.7: VO2 based Ultra-Reconfigurable Ka-Band Reflectarrays for Next-Generation Communication and Radar Systems
Randy Matos, Abdul Sattar Kaddour, Stavros Georgakopoulos, Nezih Pala, Florida International University, United States
TU-A1.4A.8: A Novel Liquid-Metal Antenna with Polarization and Continuous-Frequency Reconfigurability
Yi Zhou, Mei Song Tong, Tongji University, China
TU-A1.4A.9: A Planar Wide-angle Scanning Array Using Pattern-Reconfigurable Antenna
Theng Huat Gan, Peng Khiang Tan, Ankang Liu, Jian Lu, Sek Meng Sow, National University of Singapore, Singapore

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