Acoustically Driven VLF Antennas with High Data Rates

Shiwei Tian, Tianxiang Nan, Tsinghua University, China

Electrically Small Antennas I

AP-S General Topics

Melati Ballroom 4104

Presentation Time:
Tue, 7 Dec, 11:20 - 11:40 Singapore Time (UTC +8)
Tue, 7 Dec, 04:20 - 04:40 France Time (UTC +2)
Tue, 7 Dec, 03:20 - 03:40 UTC
Mon, 6 Dec, 22:20 - 22:40 New York Time (UTC -4)

Session Co-Chairs:
Sungkyun Lim, Georgia Southern University and Zhengqing Yun, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Session Manager:
Room R2 Manager
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Session TU-A1.2A
TU-A1.2A.1: Design of an Electrically Small, Low-profile, Parasitic Array for Wireless Electrocardiograph System
Mason Moore, John Verboom, Sungkyun Lim, Georgia Southern University, United States
TU-A1.2A.2: On the Performance of Tree-Based Antennas for SLF-VLF Signal Reception
DaHan Liao, Frank Combs, Milton Ericson, Ryan Kerekes, Stephen Killough, Kyle Reed, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States
TU-A1.2A.3: An Electrically Smaller Ultra-Wideband Monopole Antenna for Ground Penetrating Radar Application
Mohammad Ababil Hossain, Samuel Wagner, Stephen Pancrazio, Anh-Vu Pham, University of California, Davis, United States
TU-A1.2A.4: Antenna Miniaturization Using High-Permittivity and Magneto-Dielectric Substrates in VHF-UHF Bands: A Comparative Study
Milad Mirzaee, Yanghyo Kim, Stevens Institute of Technology, United States
TU-A1.2A.5: The Permanent Magnet Based Reluctance Modulated VLF Transmitter: An Equivalent Circuit Analysis
Ali Hosseini-Fahraji, Majid Manteghi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, United States
TU-A1.2A.6: Automated Synthesis of Non-Foster Impedance Matching Circuits
Qianyi Li, Ting-Yen Shih, University of Idaho, United States
TU-A1.2A.7: A Low-Profile Three-Port Antenna for Compact Polarization and Pattern Diversity Systems
Jihun Choi, Fikadu Dagefu, US Army Research Lab, United States
TU-A1.2A.8: Analysis of a fractal small antenna using shorting post and the social spider optimization algorithm
Eduardo Souza, Adaildo Assunção, Laercio Mendonca, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
TU-A1.2A.9: Acoustically Driven VLF Antennas with High Data Rates
Shiwei Tian, Tianxiang Nan, Tsinghua University, China
TU-A1.2A.10: Low frequency transmission of mechanical antenna across the interface of air-water
Silei Yang, Junping Geng, Han Zhou, Kun Wang, Chaofan Ren, Jingzheng Lu, Weinan Gao, Da Su, Yangzhou Zhang, Jing Zhang, Xianling Liang, Ronghong Jin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

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