Study on Short-Range 3D Imaging Based on MIMO Circular Synthetic Aperture Radar

Kai Tan, Xudong Chen, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Inverse Scattering and Imaging II

AP-S General Topics

Peony Junior Ballroom 4512

Presentation Time:
Fri, 10 Dec, 15:00 - 15:20 Singapore Time (UTC +8)
Fri, 10 Dec, 08:00 - 08:20 France Time (UTC +1)
Fri, 10 Dec, 07:00 - 07:20 UTC
Fri, 10 Dec, 02:00 - 02:20 New York Time (UTC -5)

Session Co-Chairs:
Kuiwen Xu, Hangzhou Dianzi University and Jorge Alberto Tobon Vasquez, Politecnico di Torino and Qian Zeming, Hangzhou Dianzi University
Session Manager:
Room R10 Manager
Session FR-A4.1P
FR-A4.1P.1: Elongated Object Orientation Estimation Based on Deep Neural Networks
Hai-Han Sun, Yee Hui Lee, Abdulkadir C. Yucel, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Genevieve Ow, Mohamed Lokman Mohd Yusof, National Parks Board, Singapore
FR-A4.1P.2: Pixel-based Inversion of Induction Logging Data in Anisotropic Media with Supervised Descent Method
Xiangyang Sun, Peng Hao, Jun Hu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
FR-A4.1P.3: Analysis of models to reduce complexity and simulation time of Multilayered Media for Automotive Radar Applications
Nancy Modi, Jayanta Mukherjee, IIT BOMBAY, India
FR-A4.1P.4: Study on Short-Range 3D Imaging Based on MIMO Circular Synthetic Aperture Radar
Kai Tan, Xudong Chen, National University of Singapore, Singapore
FR-A4.1P.5: Reconstruction of Penetrable Objects with Magnetic Materials Based on Integral Equation Method
Ze Yuan Lu, Mei Song Tong, Tongji University, China
FR-A4.1P.6: Embedding a priori information in inverse scattering problems using deep learning
Leila Ahmadi, Amir Ahmad Shishegar, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
FR-A4.1P.7: Deep Learning: A Powerful Framework for the Real-Time Solution of Inverse Scattering Problems
Andrea Massa, Alessandro Polo, Pietro Rosatti, Marco Salucci, ELEDIA@UniTN - University of Trento, Italy; Xudong Chen, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Maokun Li, ELEDIA@TSINGHUA – Tsinghua University, China
FR-A4.1P.8: Early detection of damages in fruits with amplitude-only measurements
Flora Zidane, Jérôme Lanteri, Claire Migliaccio, Université côte d'azur, France; Julien Marot, Aix-Marseille Université, France
FR-A4.1P.9: Tackling Nonlinearity in Inverse Scattering by Suitable Rewritings of the Basic Equations: Recent Results and Possible Development
Martina T. Bevacqua, Tommaso Isernia, Università Mediterranea, Italy
FR-A4.1P.10: Hybrid Resolvent Kernel Calibration Technique for Microwave Imaging Systems
David Rodriguez-Duarte, Cristina Origlia, Jorge Alberto Tobon Vasquez, Francesca Vipiana, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

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